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3,5″ SBC with Whiskey Lake CPU

The time is now for Windows 10!



  • integrated 8. Gen. Intel CPU
  • up to powerful Core i7 CPU
  • 3,5″ Single Board Computer
  • rich connections
  • ideal for your high-end integration – also fanless!
  • huge temperatur tolerance -10 ~+60°C


Price-sensitve: MS-98L3 withe Core i5 or i3

suitable for most usages

enormous pricesaving to Core i7:

  • almost 20% with Core i5
  • almost 60% with Core i3

Attractive alternative to MS-98L3 Whiskey Lake: MS-98H3

  • also for Windows 10
  • up to Core i7 Skylake or Kaby Lake CPU
  • around 50€ cheaper than Whiskey Lake

All from a single source:

With Alptech and MSI IPC you can now realize your industrial PC project. We create the right housing according to your wishes – without any one-off development costs (NRE). Just send us your requirements.

[email protected]
+49 (0) 6171 – 97 99 110

Full power with High End Panel PC

Powerful Panel PC series for high end applications

  • with Core-i Skylake or Kaby Lake CPU
  • completely fanless to Core i5
  • best performance with Windows 10
  • 10 fingers multitouch

Now available! 17 inch P1778C-MT

Soon available in more sizes:

Ask now for your upcoming project!

P1577A-MT back

Proximity – own production and support in Germany
Project service – customer-specific computers without NRE
Quality – strict control through burn-in test of each computer

The replacement bonus – now for PCs

Industrial computers perform their work reliably over many years. Used daily for controlling machines or silently in control cabinets, they support us in all areas. Nevertheless, they will one day have to be replaced, especially due to defects and increased demands. But there are some more reasons why computers should be replaced: security. This is also supported for tax purposes, for example in Germany.

We offer you 50 € for your old computer!

Fanless with the power of desktop cpus

Core i5 is not equal to Core i5

Did you know that there are also differences in performance within the seemingly identical processor classes, depending on the design? These are modified for various uses, e.g. unlocked for a maximum performance or energy efficient.

Compact, fanless computer systems have been possible for many years only with “mobile” processors, recognizable by the “M” in the designation, e.g. Intel Core i5-4200M (classification). These have a lower heat development. The heat is dissipated via lines on the principle of a heat exchanger. The disadvantage therefore is that they also have less or the same performance at often much higher prices than conventional desktop CPUs. So it may be that a Mobile Core i5 even brings less power than a Desktop Core i3:

Benchmark i5-4200M vs. i3-4370

Source screenshot:

Alptech develops fanless computers with desktop CPU

Our development department has managed to improve the cooling system so much that it is now also applicable to desktop processors. We can now offer both fanless Panel PC and Box PC as well as soon 1U computer with powerful new CPU generations.

Windows 7 Support ends

Microsoft has now announced that support for Windows 7 SP1 will end early next year: “After 10 years of servicing, January 14, 2020, is the last day Microsoft wants to offer security updates for Windows 7 SP1.” (1) On January 14, 2020, new security updates for Windows 7 will be delivered for the very last time.

What you have to consider now:

Especially if your computers are connected to the internet, legacy operating systems have a security risk. Computers and also machine controls / HMI with internet access should always be kept as up to date as possible. This also makes sense within a self-contained intranet … But what if your hardware may not be suitable for a more up-to-date operating system?

Stay up to date: with Windows 10

Alptech also offers complete computer systems for the current Microsoft operating system Windows 10 – in various designs.

We are happy to advise you!


P1778C-MT Skylake Kaby Lake

BPC-200-MS4503D Skylake Kaby Lake DIN Rail

Box PC: BPC-M54xx Apollo Lake Extreme DIN-Rail

IPC-138-HiCore-2D67 High End

Industrie PC-138-HiCore-2DM4 1HE 1U High End

MSI IPC: MS-98H9 Skylake Kaby Lake ATX

MS-98H9 V2.0 6x PCI MSI Industrial Motherboard

Series and project service:

You name your requirements or choose a motherboard – we offer you the fitting computer.

Alptech and MSI IPC become partners

Alptech & MSI IPC – strong partners for the industry


Our two companies can look back on a long experience and take advantage of this together for the future. We only have one goal: to offer you only the best products.


Your advantages:


  • 3 years of Manufacturer warranty that we take over in 1:1
  • 5-7 years of availability
  • attractive prices by quantity discounts
  • we realize your complete system with msi board for projects


The first 100 project related orders of the below chosen boards can receive 1 board for testpurpose with only 20 € fee. The fee will be credited in a following project order, so the sample will be only for 0€ real price.

Campaign-Mainboards ATX + mATX

Campaign-Mainboards Mini ITX

Campaign-Mainboards 3,5″ SBC Single Board Computer

MS-98H3 only with Kaby Lake CPU 3965U

Offer is only valid until incl. 31st May 2019, only for the here named boards, additional shipping costs. Crediting of the processing fee only when completing a large project order. Sample providing is under our normal test conditions. Returns only in undamaged, perfect condition.

Ask now!

Call us +49-6171-9799110

or send an inquiry

Alptech recieves award by Stifterverband

This year we participated in the research and development study of “Stifterverband”. Here is data collected on science professionals, research, developmentand business innovation. The data collected is therefore the responsibility of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The aim of the Stifterverband is to design innovation processes and framework conditions in such a way that as many high quality innovations as possible are created. This will be achieved by bringing together relevant actors from academia, business, politics and civil society, for example in groundbreaking conferences such as the Research Summit. On the other hand, the Stifterverband itself promotes innovation alliances in funding programs and initiatives.

We are happy to contribute to the “innovation engine” Germany. As a thank you, we have been awarded by the Stifterverband. You can see the logo at the bottom of our sidebar.

Further information about the Stifterverband can be found here:

The Winter Deals 2018

We give you rich discounts this year!
High performance and affordable PC systems from Alptech for industrial use.

P2177A-MT High Performance Panel PC

This 21.5-inch TFT widescreen with integrated computer offers a compact and convenient solution as an all-in-one device. Can be used, for example, for your sophisticated system control. The razor-sharp Full HD display shows every detail.

The offer includes the following equipment: Intel Core i3-3110M, 4GB RAM, 160GB HDD 24×7 or 120GB SSD

Optional with additional cost up to Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, larger HDD and SSD, power adapter, Windows 7 (Windows 10 with small restriction)

Sorry, our special offer is over

Regular price: from 1499,-

BPC-200-MS4300 - powersaving client PC

Are you looking for a PC for a niche or a tidy workstation in the office or counter? With the BPC-200-MS4300 you can realize this also for small money. With only about 10W per hour, this PC is also very frugal in power consumption. It is therefore also well suited for constant monitoring of a process (optional up to 4x COM).

The offer includes the following equipment: Intel Celeron Quad Core N3160, 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD

Optional with surcharge up to 8GB RAM, larger SSD, power adapter, Windows 7 and Windows 10

Sorry, our special offer is over

Regular price: from 399,-*

*Prices without taxes and shipping costs. This offer is only valid for the configuration above and is limited for maximum 2pcs per company as long as stock lasts. We recommend to contact us first, we will send you then an offer meeting your wishes. We can also inform you, if it is still in stock.

Summer-Deal! 21.5 +17 inch unbeatable price

Only for a short time and only as long stock lasts!

The big summer-deal

21.5″ High End Panel PC P2177A-MT

P2177A-MT P2178C-MT P1857a-MT High-End widescreen Panel PC

Features: 21,5 inch PCT touchscreen, Multitouch Front IP65, LCD Display Resolution 1280 x 1080 FullHD with LED Backlight, 2x G-LAN, COM, USB 3.0/2.0, DC 9-36V power plug-in (Details please see the product page)

Summer-Deal configuration: Intel Core i3-3110M 2,4GHz, 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD or chooseable 160GB HDD

only 999,- EUR* 

Options on demand: AC Power supply, more RAM/CPU/SSD/HDD, Windows 7 or Windows 10 preinstallation

17″ EmCore Panel PC P-S1703P

P-S1703P 17" Quad Core Panel PC EmCore

Features: 17 inch PCT Touchscreen, Multitouch Front IP65, LCD display resolution 1280×1024 with LED Backlight, 2xG-LAN, COM, USB 3.0/2.0, DC 9-36V power plug-in (View details on product page)

Summer-Deal configuration: Intel Celeron Quad Core N2930 1,4-2,0 GHz, 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD or choosable 160GB HDD

only 989,- EUR* 

Options on demand: AC Power supply, more RAM/SSD/HDD, Windows 7 oder Windows 10 vorinstalliert

*Prices without taxes and shipping costs. This offer is only valid for the configuration above, is limitated for maximum 2 pcs per company and only as long stock lasts.

How you get this deal:

Did you know?

We also offer our PCs for special project conditions, if its about more pieces. Ask us directly with the needed amount in the inquiry!

Maximum power on small space – Skylake Kaby Lake 1U pc

IPC144-HiCore-D67 and D67L4

Use every gap in your rack cabinet: New HighEnd 1U computer for 6./7. Generation CPUs, Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 to Intel Xeon, e.g. Intel Core i7-6700T Quad-Core 2.8-3.4Ghz
HDMI with resolution 4K 3840 x 2160, 32-bit
– Version D67 with 2x Gigabit LAN, D67L4 with 4x Gigabit Lan
– optional front bays for HDD / SSD

Also as an alternative to an expensive server!