Human Machine Interface

The Human Machine Interface connects man and machine

The interface between man and machine is called the human machine interface. Alptech sproducts and developments are designed in such a way that the HMI interface works as simply as possible in practice. The HMI display in Alptech’s Industrial Panel PCs works intuitively. A long introduction to understanding the human machine interface is therefore usually not necessary. An HMI display is not only used in industry but also in commerce. It can be permanently installed or used for mobile purposes. The same principle applies to all solutions: the human machine interface works simply as a switch. With the existing hardware and software, even the most complicated processes can be controlled at the push of a button. The human machine interface makes it possible to coordinate and monitor all processes.


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Inexpensive and proven – everything under control: with our EmCore devices as HMI


P-S1x03P EmCore Panel PC HMI

Availble in 10-19 inch


P-W1xx3 Widescreen Panel PC 18,5 inch

In 10.1 up to 22.5 inch or bigger

For High-End applications: our HiCore devices


P1x78C-MT Skylake Kaby Lake Panel PC

– Recommended with Windows 10

– in 15 to 21.5 inch


P2x88C-MT Haswell to Kaby Lake Widescreen Panel PC

Suppoerts Windows 10 and on demand still Windows 7!

21,5 inch and 23,5 inch

 The HMI Display is the connection between Industrial PC and user

No matter how powerful the IPCs are, the operation through the human machine interface must work smoothly and as simply as possible. An HMI display is the interface with which all processes and functions of industrial processes can be monitored. Thanks to the possibility of intervening in these processes via the touchscreen, the HMI display also enables control and monitoring. The user must not only be able to observe the processes through the human machine interface, but also to be able to intervene at any time. The HMI display is therefore an important medium for monitoring and adaptation in the automation of production processes.

The HMI interface varies depending on the hardware and software used

With an industrial computer, the HMI interface enables control of all processes. This can be done either using the mouse and keyboard or using a touch panel. The monitor is responsible for the display and monitoring of the human machine interface.

If a Panel PC is used as hardware, the HMI interface works by controlling with the fingers. Depending on the software used, with this Human Machine Interface a tap is enough to intuitively and easily control even the most complex processes between man and machine.


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