industrial touch panel

Industrial Touch Panel for tough use in industry and trade

A industrial Touch Panel PC is used as a multifunctional control panel in production processes as a visualization medium or also mobile, for example in vehicles. The touch panels have to withstand different requirements depending on their use and operating conditions. With the industrial touch panel, it is primarily a question of compatibility with existing interfaces and standards in order to be able to be installed in existing systems. In switch cabinets in particular there are specific sizes for a touch panel. Thanks to the different housing sizes of the Touch Panel PC, Alptech offers solutions for a wide variety of requirements. With the touch panel, a distinction is made between the display itself, which is available in various inch sizes and internal resolutions. In addition, the external dimensions of the display variants have to match the space available in the partition walls and systems already installed. Alptech’s touch panels meet these requirements and can be used in a wide variety of areas.

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Inexpensive and proven – everything under control: with our EmCore devices as HMI


P-S1x03P EmCore Panel PC HMI

Avalable in 10-19 inch


P-W1xx3 Widescreen Panel PC 18.5 inch

In 10.1 till 22.5 inch or bigger on request

For high-end applications: our HiCore devices


P1x78C-MT Skylake Kaby Lake Panel PC

Recommended with Windows 10

in 15 to 21.5 inch


P2x88C-MT Haswell bis Kaby Lake Widescreen Panel PC

Supports Windows 10, on request also still Windows 7!

21.5 Zoll and 23.5 Zoll

Touch Panel PC for stationary or mobile use

A Touch Panel PC can be used in industry and commerce used differently. There are IPCs that are designed for continuous operation in existing switchboards, production and manufacturing processes. These touch panel PCs meet the highest requirements for compatibility, durability and protection against dirt, dust and moisture.

There is also a touch panel PC for use in vehicles. For example, touch panels can be installed in forklifts or agricultural vehicles. Touch panels are also used in cars, e.g. for fleets of larger companies.

Industrial touch panels are durable and resistant

Intuitively operated displays are also used in the consumer area. Industrial touch panels are resilient and extremely effectively protected against external influences. These touch panels withstand operation even under extreme temperatures. The industrial touch panel from Alptech can also withstand high levels of dirt or dust and even splash water. Like every IPC, our Industrial PCs are designed for continuous use . The touch panels leave nothing to be desired when it comes to operation. In terms of operation and use, the devices convince with comfort and extreme precision.

Find out about our touch panel in personal contact

Alptech produces hardware according to your personal requirements and wishes. Let us advise you personally which touch panel is ideal for your ideas. You and your employees are guaranteed not to want to do without the simple and intuitive operation.