Mini ITX Motherboard

Reduce size and expand functions: the Mini-ITX mainboard

The mainboard, motherboard or motherboard forms the heart of every computer and is at least partially standardized with regard to the format and the connection options for other units. If the tendency – especially in industry – is to provide constant performance in an ever smaller space, the main board must also be designed to be smaller and smaller. You can order the corresponding Mini-ITX mainboards from Alptech to put together IPC units in a more manageable format.

Mini-ITX is a form factor for computer motherboards, which at 170 × 170 millimeters is much smaller than mainboards in the conventional ATX format. However, the four screws and the I / O shield are in the same place and allow an ATX mainboard to be replaced by a Mini-ITX mainboard. So far, mainboards in Mini-ITX format have often been used in thin clients that are connected to a central server as “branch offices”. Thanks to the increasing performance of the CPUs used, they are nowadays increasingly found in independently working Industrial Computer.

A motherboard in mini ITX format is compatible with ATX power supply

A Mini-ITX mainboard is usually supplied with power via a conventional 20 or 24-pin connector. To generate the required lower voltages, Mini-ITX mainboards are equipped with integrated step-down converters. You can also replace conventional ATX motherboards without difficulty because …

  • the power supply is possible via an ATX power supply connector
  • all attachments are compatible with those of a normal ATX case
  • and the first plug-in card with PCI or PCIe complies with the ATX standard.

Mainboards in Mini ITX format

Mini-ITX mainboard and CPU are not necessarily inseparable

When the hardware developer VIA 2008 presented the first motherboards in the Mini-ITX-Fortmat, they were equipped with a soldered processor from our own production. Most mainboards now work on the basis of desktop or notebook chipsets from Intel and AMD, which allow a simple change of the CPU. This makes it possible to install the latest high-end processors and to continue expanding the areas of application of the Mini-ITX mainboards.

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