20% discount on test samples P1x03P

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20% on test samples

12 an 15 inch Quad Core Panel PC

for Windows 7 and Windows 10 (also Multitouch)


Front Side View P-S1903P 19" Low Power Panel PC

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20% on test samples EmCore Panel PC 12 + 15 inch
Vaild for our models P-S1203P und P-S1503P (Intel Celeron Quad Core system, supports Windows 7 + 10, multitouch)
Wo does this work? You can get 1 to max. 3 of these models for testing purposes for about 2 weeks*
If  your are satisfied and want to keep the PC, please inform us. We will only charge the total amount minus 20%. If you are not satisfied, please call or write us for a short feedback before sending it back to us.Order now a test sample in 12 or 15 inch.
Tell us your requirements +49-(0)6171-9799110 or [email protected]

12″ Quad Core N3160 1,6-2,4Ghz
+ SSD 64GB
Regular price: from 1124,00 € net**
test sample price: from only 899,00 € net

Your advantages:
– free testing
– every sample with 3 years warranty (bring-in)
– save 20% when keeping

*Only 1-3 PCs per customer and only as long as stock lasts. This offer is vaild until incl. 31th May 2018. (Valid under our regular test sample conditions, means that we accept only new-looking pcs for taking back. We behold to charge damages.)
** Shipping not included, depends on your destination and will be charged.

Rackmount-Special II: Industrial PC

Maximum possibilities with 4 HE

Our 19 inch 4U computer systems offer a very broad field of equipment options, depending on the performance requirement, but always with the highest quality:

The LAC-808B chassis model allows us to take maximum advantage of each of our ATX motherboards. No matter with our mainboards with ISA-Slot or other mainboards, which are available up to the newest CPUs – always completely according to your requirements offered. Send us a detailed request or call us on +49 (0) 6171-9799110.

You actually need the ports on the front of the computer? No problem – with our IEC485NT we have everything just reversed, only the power supply remains with connection to the rear.
Our example can be found here IEC-485 19″ 4U with front I/O

Industrial PCs often work with proven IT applications that rely on the ISA cards (and PCI) for years to come. Therefore, we also offer systems capable of running back to Windows 98SE, e.g. our IPC-424B-4ISA-PM.

Rackmount Special I

Monitors for rackmount

We also offer monitors in different sizes for direct assembly in the 19 inch switch cabinet. These are characterised by their high-quality robust processing and are protected, like our other monitors, by IP65 / NEMA4. The settings buttons are on the back of the monitors. The monitors are connected by VGA. The Model RPAD-819B, 8U, 19″ TFT Display, we offer basically with DVI and VGA.
Optionally it is possible to equip the monitors with tactile touch screen.

Keyboard drawers

This robust keyboard drawer allows easy, fast operating on the 19 inch cabinet. However, it is also to be stowed again. With Only 400 mm depth at 1U can also be placed in short and almost full closets. We offer this keyboard drawer with American layout and trackball on stock. It is connected to the computer by USB and/or PS/2.

Low Power Box PC MS4300

Low Power Box PC

The new BPC 200-Ms4300 is small, fanless and very economical through the embedded technology used.
With Intel Celeron N3160, it offers a processor with 4 cores and solid performance. Standard is 2 GB of RAM,  maximum 8 GB can be used here.
With Displayport and HDMI, there are also 2 High-quality graphics connections, as well as 2 X Gigabit LAN, 4 X USB 3.0 and 2 X USB 2.0. Optional this pc is Com interfaces expandable.

Suitable Operating Systems (also embedded on request) are windows 7, windows 8.1, windows 10, which we also offer optionally preinstalled.

As always, we offer custom solutions on request, even large quantities are not a problem for us, thanks to our own production

More information about this model here

Contact us!
We’re looking forward to your message.

Gaps in CPU architecture: Meltdown and Spectre

The new year also started with a shocking announcement for the IT industry: Many processors since about 1995 have three serious security holes. These were baptized Spectre and Meltdown, Spectre includes 2 attack variants.

The gap is in the operation of almost all modern processors, so many manufacturers now have to work together. It is not enough to solve it with a single patch.

Simply explained: The CPUs predict recurring operations, such as a file call, and load them so that the actual access can be done faster. A program with no special rights can now theoretically read this preloaded data. This read out memory information may include passwords of the user or other data.

Affected by this gap are many Intel CPUs and also ARM (smartphones) affected, AMD and the graphics card manufacturer Nvidia not to the same extent.

The good news: processors from the N270, which were previously used in many of our P1x65 Atom Panel PCs, are unaffected.

It is recommended that you install all security updates for the systems as soon as available. Even browsers should be updated, as this can also be accessed.

However, as it has now become known, the performance of the system updates can be reduced. So far, this has mainly been observed under Microsoft operating system server and 4th generation CPUs with Windows 10 and older or 6th generation CPUs and Windows 8 and older. With Windows Server, it may also be necessary to make further changes to the system. Not affected by the performance losses are 6th generation Intel CPUs and newer ones under Windows 10.

As always, we advise you to carefully check whether you can do without security updates. Discuss the topic with your system administrator.

Our customers, who would like to have all available updates delivered on delivery of new devices, will receive them as always, as soon as they can be retrieved by us via the official update channels.

(In addition to the links above in the text, you’ll find a dedicated page and blog posts from Google whose team uncovered that.)

On-site evaluation

Did you know?

We also offer free on-site evaluation of your edp situation.
You want to continue using your existing software on new computers?
We have the right systems and make house calls!

Arrange an appointment with us

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When an SSD is worth it and when you prefer to stay with a conventional hard drive:

Many of our customers now rely on an SSD as a storage medium in their computers, as well as many of them with a HDD. There are good reasons for both variants, depending on the application.


– large capacities possible
– cheap
– Unanfällig vs. Blackouts

– Big, heavy
– sensitive to magnetic iinfluences
– mechanics can break
– retrieving data, including starting programs, takes longer


– fast retrieval of files
– Small, lightweight
– survives also a fall

– only limited writing possible
– no large capacities
– if defect, the data is lost
– great vulnerability on blackouts
– high price

Example 1: your computer will be running with windows xp or older: it is the best way to stay with a HDD. Only with Windows 7 or newer a SSD is better managed by the system.

Example 2: you want a permanent copy of your data in a RAID 1: this is where data are constantly synchronized and written, but many writing cycles can shorten the life of a ssd. Here hdds should be used.

Example 3: important programs should be able to work fast? An SSD creates short start times. It is possible to store large, not often required data on an additional hard disk.

Do you have questions?

+49 (0) 6171 - 9799110

We will help you with chosing the best data storage.

P1777 – for the highest demands, even fanless!

Favourite of August

P1777 – for the highest demands, even fanless!

This Panel Pc in 17 inch “P1777” stands out as all-in-one device due to its high performance with Core i-cpus combined with relatively low space usage. It can be used on widely purposes, even to the demanding control of a manufacturing robot. It is available with resistive touchscreen (P1777DT) , projective-capazitve touchscreen (P1777A-MT) and also in 21.5 ” 16:9 (P2177A-MT).
For more information, please visit our website here

Again updates by Microsoft

Even in June, security update for the older operating systems of Microsoft

The company from Redmond in the U.S. State of Washington has released its regular patch day security updates, which include the edge browser, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, windows kernel and windows shell. Not only is this: Microsoft Patches this time also “outdated” versions for which the support has already expired – including windows XP, Windows Vista and the first version of windows 10 with the name 1507.
As Microsoft writes on your blog, the recent abuses of security vulnerabilities by government agencies have led the company to close the gaps on as many systems as possible.
However, there are still no regular updates to the obsolete systems.

Low Power Quad Core Panel PC

Low Power Panel PC mit Quad Core CPU

As you might have noticed when looking at our homepage, we already have the next generation of panel pcs: P-s1xxxp with the Intel Celeron Quad Core N3160 with 1,6 ghz and 2,4 ghz in the top. We now install the projective-capacitive touch screen as standard on these machines. It can also be up to 8 GB of memory, as well as the operation under windows 7, Windows 8 and windows 10.
Also the special: these panel pcs are now from our own exclusive manufacturing. We can now make our many years of experience properly integrated into development. In comparison with our previous models, this will provide you with the additional advantage that the computers are on average slightly cheaper and will continue to provide short delivery times in the future.
Front Side View P-S1903P 19" Low Power Panel PC

The New Panel Pcs P-s1x03p with N3160 will be available in the following sizes: 15 inches, 17 inches, 19 inches, 21.5 inches and 23.5 inches.
In 12 inches we stay at the j1900. for the time being
On our homepage in the category you will find more information.

One of our devices could fit your project?

You are welcome to send us your requirements to a industrial pc simply.
We will offer you a fitting model as far as possible.