The time is now for Windows 10!



  • integrated 8. Gen. Intel CPU
  • up to powerful Core i7 CPU
  • 3,5″ Single Board Computer
  • rich connections
  • ideal for your high-end integration – also fanless!
  • huge temperatur tolerance -10 ~+60°C


Price-sensitve: MS-98L3 withe Core i5 or i3

suitable for most usages

enormous pricesaving to Core i7:

  • almost 20% with Core i5
  • almost 60% with Core i3

Attractive alternative to MS-98L3 Whiskey Lake: MS-98H3

  • also for Windows 10
  • up to Core i7 Skylake or Kaby Lake CPU
  • around 50€ cheaper than Whiskey Lake

All from a single source:

With Alptech and MSI IPC you can now realize your industrial PC project. We create the right housing according to your wishes – without any one-off development costs (NRE). Just send us your requirements.

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