This year we participated in the research and development study of “Stifterverband”. Here is data collected on science professionals, research, developmentand business innovation. The data collected is therefore the responsibility of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The aim of the Stifterverband is to design innovation processes and framework conditions in such a way that as many high quality innovations as possible are created. This will be achieved by bringing together relevant actors from academia, business, politics and civil society, for example in groundbreaking conferences such as the Research Summit. On the other hand, the Stifterverband itself promotes innovation alliances in funding programs and initiatives.

We are happy to contribute to the “innovation engine” Germany. As a thank you, we have been awarded by the Stifterverband. You can see the logo at the bottom of our sidebar.

Further information about the Stifterverband can be found here: