Need to switch to Windows 10 this year?

We support you and advise comprehensively.

Former popular models


BPC-300-E9450GSE Intel Atom N270

only up to Windows 7


BPC-300-6500 Single Core

with Celeron and Pentium M

only up to Windows XP

our latest models for Windows 10 with

Box PC: BPC-M4600 Solid Skylake Kaby Lake

BPC-M4600 Kaby Lake
Box PC with Desktop Power

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BPC-M4300 Low Power Budget
the ideal Client PC

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Important reasons for renewal:

– Improved energy efficiency
– Security risks from outdated operating systems
– Computer hardware has a finite life span. Despite the high component quality, failures can occur after 4-12 years, depending on use / heat load.
– A complete depreciation for workstations and similar is possible after 3 years according to the German depreciation table AV.
– Unfortunately, we can no longer get spare parts for many old models.

Didin’t find the suitable? We give you advice and a custom offer:
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