Core i5 is not equal to Core i5

Did you know that there are also differences in performance within the seemingly identical processor classes, depending on the design? These are modified for various uses, e.g. unlocked for a maximum performance or energy efficient.

Compact, fanless computer systems have been possible for many years only with “mobile” processors, recognizable by the “M” in the designation, e.g. Intel Core i5-4200M (classification). These have a lower heat development. The heat is dissipated via lines on the principle of a heat exchanger. The disadvantage therefore is that they also have less or the same performance at often much higher prices than conventional desktop CPUs. So it may be that a Mobile Core i5 even brings less power than a Desktop Core i3:

Benchmark i5-4200M vs. i3-4370

Source screenshot:

Alptech develops fanless computers with desktop CPU

Our development department has managed to improve the cooling system so much that it is now also applicable to desktop processors. We can now offer both fanless Panel PC and Box PC as well as soon 1U computer with powerful new CPU generations.