When an SSD is worth it and when you prefer to stay with a conventional hard drive:

Many of our customers now rely on an SSD as a storage medium in their computers, as well as many of them with a HDD. There are good reasons for both variants, depending on the application.


– large capacities possible
– cheap
– Unanfällig vs. Blackouts

– Big, heavy
– sensitive to magnetic iinfluences
– mechanics can break
– retrieving data, including starting programs, takes longer


– fast retrieval of files
– Small, lightweight
– survives also a fall

– only limited writing possible
– no large capacities
– if defect, the data is lost
– great vulnerability on blackouts
– high price

Example 1: your computer will be running with windows xp or older: it is the best way to stay with a HDD. Only with Windows 7 or newer a SSD is better managed by the system.

Example 2: you want a permanent copy of your data in a RAID 1: this is where data are constantly synchronized and written, but many writing cycles can shorten the life of a ssd. Here hdds should be used.

Example 3: important programs should be able to work fast? An SSD creates short start times. It is possible to store large, not often required data on an additional hard disk.

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