Low Power Panel PC mit Quad Core CPU

As you might have noticed when looking at our homepage, we already have the next generation of panel pcs: P-s1xxxp with the Intel Celeron Quad Core N3160 with 1,6 ghz and 2,4 ghz in the top. We now install the projective-capacitive touch screen as standard on these machines. It can also be up to 8 GB of memory, as well as the operation under windows 7, Windows 8 and windows 10.
Also the special: these panel pcs are now from our own exclusive manufacturing. We can now make our many years of experience properly integrated into development. In comparison with our previous models, this will provide you with the additional advantage that the computers are on average slightly cheaper and will continue to provide short delivery times in the future.
Front Side View P-S1903P 19" Low Power Panel PC

The New Panel Pcs P-s1x03p with N3160 will be available in the following sizes: 15 inches, 17 inches, 19 inches, 21.5 inches and 23.5 inches.
In 12 inches we stay at the j1900. for the time being
On our homepage in the category you will find more information.

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