Maximum possibilities with 4 HE

Our 19 inch 4U computer systems offer a very broad field of equipment options, depending on the performance requirement, and always with the highest quality:

The LAC-808B chassis model allows us to take maximum advantage of each of our ATX motherboards. No matter with our mainboards with ISA-Slot or other mainboards, which are available up to the newest CPUs. These are always completely according to your requirements offered. Send us a detailed request or call us on +49 (0) 6171-9799110.

IPC-425-ELA 4U 4HE Industrie PC Rack Core 2 Duo 1x ISA 2x PCI, PCEex16 PCIex4 5xCOM

You actually need the ports on the front of the computer? No problem – with our IEC485NT we have everything just reversed, only the power supply remains with connection to the rear.
Our example can be found here IEC-485 19″ 4U with front I/O

IEC-485NT Front Ports I/O 4U 4HE 19" Rack Industrie PC

Industrial PCs often work with proven IT applications that rely on the ISA cards (and PCI) for years to come. Therefore, we also offer systems capable of running back to Windows 98SE, e.g. our IPC-424B-4ISA-PM.