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Fanless with the power of desktop cpus

Core i5 is not equal to Core i5

Did you know that there are also differences in performance within the seemingly identical processor classes, depending on the design? These are modified for various uses, e.g. unlocked for a maximum performance or energy efficient.

Compact, fanless computer systems have been possible for many years only with “mobile” processors, recognizable by the “M” in the designation, e.g. Intel Core i5-4200M (classification). These have a lower heat development. The heat is dissipated via lines on the principle of a heat exchanger. The disadvantage therefore is that they also have less or the same performance at often much higher prices than conventional desktop CPUs. So it may be that a Mobile Core i5 even brings less power than a Desktop Core i3:

Benchmark i5-4200M vs. i3-4370

Source screenshot: cpuboss.com

Alptech develops fanless computers with desktop CPU

Our development department has managed to improve the cooling system so much that it is now also applicable to desktop processors. We can now offer both fanless Panel PC and Box PC as well as soon 1U computer with powerful new CPU generations.

The Winter Deals 2018

We give you rich discounts this year!
High performance and affordable PC systems from Alptech for industrial use.

P2177A-MT High Performance Panel PC

This 21.5-inch TFT widescreen with integrated computer offers a compact and convenient solution as an all-in-one device. Can be used, for example, for your sophisticated system control. The razor-sharp Full HD display shows every detail.

The offer includes the following equipment: Intel Core i3-3110M, 4GB RAM, 160GB HDD 24×7 or 120GB SSD

Optional with additional cost up to Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, larger HDD and SSD, power adapter, Windows 7 (Windows 10 with small restriction)

Sorry, our special offer is over

Regular price: from 1499,-

BPC-200-MS4300 - powersaving client PC

Are you looking for a PC for a niche or a tidy workstation in the office or counter? With the BPC-200-MS4300 you can realize this also for small money. With only about 10W per hour, this PC is also very frugal in power consumption. It is therefore also well suited for constant monitoring of a process (optional up to 4x COM).

The offer includes the following equipment: Intel Celeron Quad Core N3160, 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD

Optional with surcharge up to 8GB RAM, larger SSD, power adapter, Windows 7 and Windows 10

Sorry, our special offer is over

Regular price: from 399,-*

*Prices without taxes and shipping costs. This offer is only valid for the configuration above and is limited for maximum 2pcs per company as long as stock lasts. We recommend to contact us first, we will send you then an offer meeting your wishes. We can also inform you, if it is still in stock.

Low Power Box PC MS4300

Low Power Box PC

The new BPC 200-Ms4300 is small, fanless and very economical through the embedded technology used.
With Intel Celeron N3160, it offers a processor with 4 cores and solid performance. Standard is 2 GB of RAM,  maximum 8 GB can be used here.
With Displayport and HDMI, there are also 2 high-quality graphic connections, as well as 2x Gigabit LAN, 4x USB 3.0 and 2x USB 2.0. Optional this pc is Com interfaces expandable.

Suitable Operating Systems (also embedded on request) are windows 7, windows 8.1, windows 10, which we also offer optionally preinstalled.

Thanks our own production,  we are able to offer custom solutions on request, whatever the quantity is.

More information about this model here BPC-200-MS4300

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